“Energize Your Mind with a Great Cup of Coffee.”

Rarely would we have a chance to travel to Central America, South America, Indonesia, or even Africa to taste their wonderfully premium coffees. If it seems beyond impossible to savor all of their coffees at the same place, then you won't want to miss the remarkable coffee drinking experience of our signature blend. We have elevated coffee brewing to a level of culinary art when we perfectly balance together the quaint and exotic flavors from different growing regions.


Iced Dutch Coffee

Iced Dutch Latte


Espresso Frappè

Vanilla Frappè

Mocha Frappè

Salted Caramel Frappè

Green Tea Frappè

Double Chocolate Frappè

Iced Green Tea Latte


First Pick

Full Love Barries

Tropical Island


Strawberry Milk

Mixed Berry Milk

Mango Milk