From Scratch

Few Words About Us

The coffee bun originated in Asia as a simple dessert. The public’s response upon first tasting it was astounding, enticing hungry customers to wait two hours in line for their buns. The dessert’s popularity quickly spread like wildfire, appearing in nearly every mall and on every street corner.

Imagine the shame if people from other continents could never experience the pleasure of biting into this exquisite pastry. Promptly realizing the potential of presenting it to other regions, we’ve pioneered a quest to seek the best ingredients to do justice for our buns and coffees. Our Research and Development team have cooperated with pastry chefs to perfect the baking process of our coffee buns.

We are thrilled to debut O’ My Buns! to feature the coffee bun dessert to people around the world through our retail stores. Prominent on our O’ My Buns! pastry menu is the single specialty coffee bun along with many fresh toppings and flavored fillings to customize as your own special bun. Also, a splendid part of our specialty menu is our premium coffee and coffee-based products. Don’t hesitate to drop by your nearest O’ My Buns! to sample these rare treats.

"Many Good Things Spring from Small Beginnings"